Design Your Own Fragrance

The demand for home fragrancing products is rapidly growing, now more than ever, consumers are demanding a sensory experience from their household products. Fragrance conveys an important functional message and is key to brand communication.

Creating a signature scent that gets your business recognised is something we can help you achieve. With our expertise and experience we can advise you on getting this right.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrances are a unique blend of various different notes Top, Middle and Base, combined together to complement and enhance each other giving you a Fragrance totally exclusive to you only, something different from your competitors and a fragrance that will make you stand out from the rest, creating your own signature identity for your products.

You will learn to identify and appreciate the type of each note, when blending your own bespoke fragrance from Top notes, Middle notes are, arguable, the most important part of a fragrance, to the final Base notes that forms the body of a fragrance and lingers for longer. While Base notes are not vital to a fragrance, for those who are seeking longevity they are exceptionally popular. Our Base notes are represented by Woody, Balsamic, Musky, and finally Mossy.

Our Unique Combination Fragrance Oil Blends

After extensive research we have now developed a range of 24 combination fragrances that can be infused together, creating your very own bespoke signature identity fragrance that can be used in Candles and any Home Fragrancing Products, creating your very own Identity signature fragrance that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Creating your own fragrance has never been easier…

Our perfumer’s passion and expertise are blended perfectly with our knowledge of market trends and cultural influences resulting in a fragrance experience that is as unique as each of our customers creating an exquisite range of 24 combination fragrance blends sourced from the world’s finest ingredients. From base, musky notes to fruity top notes, our fine combination fragrance blends represent the entire spectrum of the fragrance world.