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Shipping Rates
Shipping rates are automatically calculated based on your shipping address. If you get a message “no shipping rates available” it is because you have not yet fully entered your address/details.
How Soon will my order be shipped?

All orders are processed in date order and we aim to dispatch between 5 to 7 working days or sooner for general orders. Bulk Fragrances, Products or Candle orders to be advised at the time you place your order.

What is your Local Pick Up Service?

Local Collection/Pick up only applies to customer who live within our area who wish to travel to collect the goods direct from our premise in Ellon, AB41 9RF

What do the bands mean?

The bands are for our internal use only in identifying the price band of a particular fragrance.

Are the Fragrance oils Cosmetic safe?

All our fragrance oils can be used in cosmetic products.

What ratio of fragrance can be used in cosmetics?

The majority of our fragrances are specifically manufactured to our specifications for use in a wide array of products. In various percentages or dosages inline with guidelines set by IFRA and the Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

The Max level of fragrance that can be used is stated on the IFRA certificate and can be downloaded on each fragrance but the we would advise to only use the recommended ratio relating to your recipe or less if IFRA limits are lower.

Each and every product base has their own maximum dosage and our guidelines are for you reference. We will always advise that you carry out your own tests on your individual formulation/recipes.


Do we provide the Safety Assesments for the Finished Product?

We don’t supply the Cosmetic Safety Assessment for the finished product but we do supply you with all the relevant documents to submit. All products are specifically made to order for private label, which means you are the responsible person and your name has to be on the assessment not ours.

Many of our customers use Cosmetic Safety Assessment Company. Please see website link below


Are your fragrance oils suitable for candles?

Most of our fragrances are suitable for candles unless otherwise stated. We recommend using between 8 – 10% of our standard fragrances and 5 – 10% concentrated or Intense.


What percentage of fragrance oils is used in candles?

We recommend using between 8 – 10% of our standard fragrances and between 5 – 10% concentrated or Intense depending on what strength is required in the finished product.


How do I leave a review?

Once you have successfully ordered a product, you are a verified purchaser. Simply go to the product you would like to leave a review for (make sure you are logged in), then select the reviews tab at the bottom of the page – it’s next to the description, below the image of the product. You can leave a comment and a star rating here.


Help & Support

Fragrance & Product Help and Support

Help & Advice is always available should you have any queries regarding any of our fragrances or products. Feel free to call or email with your questions.

Technical Expertise

We work closely on a daily basis with our manufactures and technical expertise is always at hand, be it retail or commercial, our highly qualified technical team has extensive knowledge covering all product applications and is committed to understanding our customers’ individual needs. So do feel free to ask.

We Want to Hear Your Feedback

We want to know your feed back, so we can help you overcome any issues you may be having so that can identify what is causing the problem and help rectify things for you.

If we don’t know then we cannot correct or improve on things that will benefit your business. We are here to help and support you all the way and getting it right matters to us.