Mini Sachet Outer & Inner Packaging

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Mini Sachet Outer Packaging and Inner Liner

Mini Sachet Outer Packaging and Inner Liner plus clear cello protective cover. Every sachet requires an inner liner to hold the scented based which is then placed in the outer sachet, which we have created. Our generic outer sachet packaging solution can be customised to suit most businesses by simply personalising it with your own label. (Please note we do not provide a service to print your logo direct onto these, you must apply a label) Supplied in White complete with Cello Sealable clear cover for protection. All you need to do is fill with your favourite scent.

Dimensions: 8cm x 10cm Each Sachet holds approx. 8g of graduals Recommended Fragrance Ratio 8 - 10%. Add in small drops evenly using a pipette and mix well. Fill inner packaging (small envelope) and seal to lock in the fragrance. Place ithe small envelope in the outer packaging, create any eyelet (optional) and attached silver string, now place in the cello bag and seal to lock in the fragrance.This will also help seal the outer packaging.

Once filled you will need to include the following.

Safety Instrictions of use: Remove cellophane before use. Do not open paper sachet. Do not place on polished surfaces, keep out of reach of children and pet. Do not consume

Due to the size the sachet are exempt from CLP labeling but must contain the above.

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