Product Development

In line with Scent Perfique’s rapid growth & expansion our production capacity has increased considerably in recent years, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to each and every order.

We offer a wide range of options for many businesses of differing sizes and backgrounds to help promote and develop own brand products that offer fragrance performance, creative flare, design flexibility and décor possibilities for the home or work place.

Technical Expertise

We work closely on a daily basis with our manufactures work in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to ensure batch-to-batch consistency in all our fragrances and technical expertise is always at hand, be it retail or commercial, our highly qualified technical team has extensive knowledge covering all product applications and is committed to understanding our customers’ individual needs.

So do feel free to ask!


As one of the UK leading companies, specialising in fine fragrancing & home fragrancing products, we recognise that as the market trend for the higher end products increases in certain sectors of the industry there is still a high demand though out for the on-line retails to high street stores at affordable prices.

By introducing a highly concentrated performance grade of fragrances to our existing range, we feel this balance will offer all our customers an equal opportunity to develop their brands within their budget and still be competitive within the retail sector at any level they wish to achieve

We will continue to add to this range by carefully choosing sophisticated fragrances that we feel will be benefit customer aiming to achieve a higher quality end product, whilst continuing to add to our existing range of quality fine fragrances on the same level as we have for many years.



Scented Candles infuse any room with evocative Aromas, creating an ambience of welcoming warmth to every home. Our Hand Poured Luxury Glass Scented Candles are the perfect gift for any occasion and can be branded to your requirements, packaged and competitively prices ready to sell.

Scent Perfique Ltd have been specialising in candle manufacturing since 2008, producing handmade 100% natural soya & mineral wax candles to the highest quality, with excellence performance and fragrance throw.

We have extensive experience in own label manufacturing and minimum orders can be as low as 250 units. We have an extensive range of in house premium fragrances to choose from and all our candles are manufactured in Scotland.

For further information on our Candle manufacturing process please explore our site.


After extensive testing, we are able to offer a high performance diffuser solvent that is alcohol & odourless free, Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic and has the ability to enhance fragrances giving a longer life span in the finished product. It is not restricted for shipping purposed and is VOC compliant. Our formulation has proved to be very popular and is still boosting sales for many of our clients.


We offer various options in reeds all of the finest quality and provide high diffusion for long periods of time. Custom sizes can be requested.

Labelling and Packaging Solutions


We have an excellent team of professionals we work with on a daily basis, offering a full range of design services which are all available to our clients, including: Private Labelling; Packaging Design; Container Decoration; Screen printing; Spraying; Hot Foil Stamp finishes. MOQ are applicable.


We offer generic packing options for the small end users and new starts, giving you the flexibility in the initial states of growing your brand, MQO start as low as 12 units per product.