Product Information

Welcome to Scent Perfique Candle Making Fragrance Oils and Home Fragrancing Supplies. Exclusive to Scent Perfique, our Fragrance oils are some of the finest fragrance oils you will find on the market.

Our Fragrance Oils are manufactured in the UK by Worldwide Experts, in Fine Fragrances, Bath, Body & Skin Care Products, Candle Manufactures, Home Fragrancing Products etc, using only the very best in technology to produce highly concentrated top quality fragrances.

We do strongly recommend that you test these fragrances on your own product base in order to ensure complete suitability/compatibility.

Scent Perfique fragrances comply with EU regulations, and are suitable for candles, room fresheners, oil burners, lamp rings, incense, reed diffusers, room sprays, linen sprays, pot pourri, aroma beads, simmering granules, melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap making, other bath and body care products and all home fragrancing. If you make and sell your soaps or bath & body products, these fragrance oils can be included in your Safety Assessments without the need for additional allergen testing. For further safety information on our fragrance oils please feel free to download our MSDS data sheets and allergen data in the MSDS category.

Explanation of Fragrance Families

The Initial smell can be very over powering when using any Fragrance or Perfume, especially if you are testing fragrances or perfumes undiluted straight from the bottle or sampler, giving you a false impression of the final scent.

Scent Perfique fragrance oils are uncut and of optimum strength. Fragrance is divided into basics types or families. Please see an explanation below.

Top Notes

The first perception of a fragrance is the top note, which gives the fragrance its freshness and sparkle and consists of the lighter fresher more volatile materials, such as citrus, green, fruits & herbs.

Middle Notes

The top notes give way to the middle note or heart of the fragrance, which gives the fragrance its character and consists of floral & spicy notes.

Heart Notes

Following the first few minutes of the burst of top notes, the middle notes start to develop and the heart of the fragrance is revealed. Within the heart you are likely to to find floral, spicy or herbaceous ingredients.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes or fond is apparent and continues to the end of the fragrance, giving tenacity and strength and consisting of woody, balsamic, sweet, amber and animalic notes.

Once the scent has gone through this process, you have your final fragrance scent.

Safety Information

All Fragrance oils have a shelf life of approximately one year, and should be stored in a cool dark place. Please keep out of reach of children and animals and use fragrance oils in a well-ventilated area. If your skin is sensitive we advise you to wear gloves. Fragrance oils are chemicals and should always be handled with caution and care.

Scent Perfique cannot be held responsible for how these fragrance oils are used after purchase. All of our fragrance oils are suitable for use in paraffin, vegetable and soy wax.

Fragrance oil is added to candle wax by weight; this is approx 5-8% for paraffin wax (5-8g fragrance oil to 100g wax), and 5-10% for soy wax.

Interruption of Designer Type Fragrance Oils

Some of our fragrance oils are based on similar in style and identity (Types) to high street brands. These fragrance oils or products are by our interruption and similarity only and are not to be confused with the genuine product.

These changes will not affect the status or quality of any of our products. We may have abbreviated certain designer names to avoid any conflict with certain perfume houses.

Please refer to the description of each designer type fragrances and our renaming, for your association and recognition to similar in style & identity to any of our interruption to brand names.