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Sachet Base Unscented

Sachet Base unscented For further details and instructions on how to make your own sachets see below
Our Sachet Granular Base is highly absorbent, very easy to work with and holds the scent well, 100% natural and biodegradable. Scented Sachets are timeless and are a perfect accessory item to pair with your home fragrancing collection, reed diffusers, tarts and handmade candles in matching scents. Scented Sachets can be used as air fresheners in drawers, wardrobes, vacuum cleaners, cars, offices, bathrooms etc.!
Make your own Scented Sachets, we sell everything you need to create your own, see related products We recommend using between 8 - 20% fragrance depending on the overall strength you require. Using a Pipette simple add a few drops at a time of your fragrance oil and stir well. Fill inner envelope then place this in the outer layer and put into cello cover, seal to lock in the aroma Please Note: Remove the cello cover before use for the best results
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