White Cocoa & Christmas Cookies Fragrance Oil

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Reminiscent of a streaming white cocoa combined with the warmth of delicious Christmas cookies straight from the oven, More Info
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A fragrance that captures the magic Christmas preparation, freshly baked cookies, topped with creamy white chocolate soothing and yet tantalizing your taste buds, filling the home with its sweet rich and mouth-watering aroma, of crushed biscuits emerge, surround by the love Christmas time brings. The base notes of vanilla add the finishing touches of warmth, accompanied by the sweet sugary icing and hints of vanilla extract. Perfectly harmonised to create a fragrance that is sweet, festive, and fun.

Suitable for all home fragrance & cosmetic products

Recommended Ratio:  

EDT 10% - EDP 20%

Candles:  5%  – 10% 

Reed Diffuser: 8.57% MAX

IFRA MAX Ratio:22.74 %

Flash Point: > 100 °C

Supplied in HPE Bottles

Please see Technical Information to download all documents

Please Note:- That we recommend that you carry out your own tests, as results may vary depending on individual recipes. It is the customer's responsibility to test for compatibility before proceeding with manufacture.

Technical Information
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This fragrance is simply sublime! It literally makes your mouth water.
Beautifully sweet, warm, delicious smelling cookies baking in the oven.

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