Wholesale and Trade


Scent Perfique Ltd is an International Fragrance House and contract manufacturer at the forefront of a fast-growing Industry, proactively seeking diversity and challenging perceptions inspired by trends. We are UK’s leading wholesale supplier of fine fragrance oils for candles, home fragrance, cosmetic and toiletry products.

We specialise in creating, inspiring products in a world of fine fragrances, ranging from luxury bespoke candles, home fragrancing, scented sachets and toiletry products, offering brand support, to multinational companies and to small craft cooperatives.

Our attention to detail and commitment is where our creative flare and technical excellence meets. Fine Fragrances Oils created by passion and expertise, perfectly blending with our knowledge of the market trends always offering our customers value for money and quality assured products, that has helped drive client success.

Our Fragrance Oils are manufactured in the UK, IFRA certified and Vegan friendly

What do we offer? 

We manufacture and supply premium Fragrance Oils suitable for all Home Fragrancing & Cosmetic skincare Products, including Handmade Candles, Reed Diffusers, Linen Sprays, Laundry Boosters, Simmering Granules, Luxury Body Butters, Lotions & Liquid Soaps, direct to retail outlets including high street Chains, tourist attractions, garden centres,  gift shops, florists, restaurants and beauty salons.

We do not involve any third party and are totally in control of stock supplies and manufacturing of our own products ensuring our customers can always receive quality products.

All prices listed on our site are Wholesale and descend by volume ordered. Prices are shown including VAT but will reflect the Net value at the checkout plus any VAT due.

Wholesale Fragrance Oils

Our range of Fragrance Oils are available in various quantities, prices descend per volume ordered, per fragrance, offering higher savings buying in bulk, than buying in smaller quantities.

Our Fragrance Oils are sold by the weight on a rate per Kilo. (1 kilo = 1000 grams approx.).

Fragrance measurements may vary depended on the consistency of the product. All our Fragrances oils are highly concentrated and are not diluted in anyway.

Here is Some Useful Information

Fragrance oil is added to candle wax by weight, at approx. between 5% to 8% for paraffin wax and 5 -10% for soy wax and 0.5 to 1% for rinse off and 2% for leave-on Products. We hope this helps, for further advise please feel free to contact us.


Candles Private Label

Here at Scent Perfique we offer a wide range of Luxury Candles at competitive prices to retail outlets. Our minimum order quantities start as low as 12 units per fragrance, this gives you the opportunity to test the market before making a huge financial investment and also allows you to grow your business/brand organically.

We offer you the opportunity to do this, so you can grow your business at a pace that suits your budget.

What service do we offer?

The level of service we offer varies depending on your requirements, and this is usually tailored to your needs. We have the capability to produce large volumes as well as smaller quantities. Offering a fully branded finished product or unbranded for re-sale and re-branding, for retail and online outlets.

If you any special requirements or want more information on our products, please contact us.


Creating your own brand

We believe in making it easy and as simple as possible for you to create your own brand by buying short runs of high-quality candles, reed diffusers, room spray etc with or without branding. Creating your own brand is an exciting journey and can be quite daunting if you are new to the home fragrance world, but we are here to make your experience one to remember and enjoy.

Please get in touch with us via email or give us a call, so we can have an initial chat about your requirements, so we can advise what options are available to you.

Home Fragrance Supplies

We offer an extensive range of products for home fragrance purposes, from Reed Diffusers, Room Spray, Linen Fresheners to Simmering Granules. See further information below

Carrier Oils – Reed Diffusers: Are the perfect way to keep enjoying your favourite fragrances. Our ever-expanding range of fragrance oils makes it easy to refill your reed diffusers and fill your home with luxury scent.

Our Carrier Oils & Reed Diffuser Oils are available Un-Fragranced or Pre-Scented.

Laundry Booster Products

Have you heard of the latest trend and what is in high demand, read on.  One of the main focuses lately has been on laundry care, introducing a touch of luxury and the feel-good factor. Our Laundry Scent Boosters are small water soluble and biodegradable crystals, act as a natural fabric softener and prevents unwanted odours and helps improve the performance of the detergent.

Find out more about our Wholesale Laundry Booster Products click here

Air & Fabric Fresheners

Why not introduce your own Air Care Range:- Our Air & Fabric Freshener is the perfect fragrance solution for fabrics that cannot or are hard to washed, using the latest in odour eliminating technology we have developed our Aqua Mist Air & Fabric Freshener that will lock and eliminate bad odours, helping to keep your home fresh and deliver essence of refreshing fragrances.. Available in a Fragrance Free Base or Pre-Scented.

Room Sprays

Offer that instant boost of fragrance when needed and are a great product to complement existing ranges of Candles, Reed Diffusers. Supplied Pre-Scented in bulk or pre-bottled or buy the base only and start creating your own Room Spray Collection.

Cosmetic Products

Creating your own cosmetic range couldn't be easier with a little help from us at Scent Perfique. We have various option in the way you can purchase our products. All our bases are available unscented or pre-scented with your choice of fragrance. Sold in Bulk or Pre-Bottled for re-branding & resale. We offer a quality selection of cosmetic bases, from body lotions, body buttershower gels, hand washeshand sanitisersbeard balmssolid perfumesbath massage oils, bath sea salts,  and perfume making supplies

We have a dedicated team of technical consultant and ingredient experts, working with brands and formulators to provide expert technical advice, trends insights to offer the best solution for your business requirements. Let Scent Perfique help you launch your business, any questions please get in touch.