About Us

Welcome to Scent Perfique Ltd - Who are we and what do we do?

We are an International Fragrance House and Contract Manufacturer. Specialising in Home Fragrancing and Cosmetic Products.

The company was founded in 2007 and run by CEO Managing Director Alice Papiransky along with family members Scott also a Director, who oversees larger bulk orders, raw materials and manufacturing materials, Sirin who helps out in production and Jordan who is actively involved in the day to day running of the admin office,  processing orders and dealing with customer enquiries, as well as coping with becoming a new mum to baby Aryah, not forgetting the two office dogs Tootsie & Diesel but most importantly our manufacturing and sales team, who do an amazing job on a daily basis, to ensure we continue to support your business needs.

The philosophy behind Scent Perfique was to enable and support people who have a dream to expand or launch a new business venture. We see ourselves as the steppingstones for new and existing businesses.  Supplying everything from the raw materials to the finished product branded or unbranded. 

Offering flexible options to develop and introduce new product ranges, without having to commit to large MOQ or excessive financial outlays. Our flexibility opens opportunities to many of our customer who are looking to expand and especially to new businesses looking to venture into this sector.

Our company has been supplying fragrance oils and manufacturing scented candles, all hand poured in Scotland and also a wide array of home fragrance products for over a decade.

We are privileged to work with some major leading brands and celebrities in the Home Fragrance & Hospitality sector and are passionate about quality and providing an outstanding support service to all our clients.

Steppingstones to SuccessThe Steppingstones to sucess!


The heart of our business revolves around the core ingredient, Fine Fragrance. Like no other sector, it has the ability to inspire and evoke emotions. This requires creativity when developing and carefully selecting a fragrance that is going to be commercially viable for our clients. Quality is paramount to Scent Perfique and all our fragrances are quality assured, throughout batches, ensuring there is no compromise to the quality of the end product. We offer an extensive range of fragrance to choose from, all manufacturered here in the UK, IFRA & EU compliant. Paraben free and Vegan friendly. All suitable for all home fragrance and cosmetic products. 

Our fragrance oils are NOT TESTED on Animals or contain any Animal Derivatives. Our Fragrance oils are a sophisticated blend of Natural, Nature Identical and Aromatic Materials.