Candle Wax

NGI EcoSoya Announcement The current NGI waxes will be discontinued at the end of the year. We received an email from the founder of the company with the following excerpts: "The FDA ruled that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are no longer safe for food. This has had a huge impact on our industry given the majority of vegetable waxes are made with PHOs as well as our EcoSoya® soy waxes. As a result, our current production facility is closing" "For many years now we have been conducting research on the next better generation of soy wax technology. Effective early 2017, we will have these higher performing soy waxes available to order" We do have shipping containers of EcoSoya® at sea which we will receive in the run up to xmas but you can expect shortages and then a removal of the product when we run out. Hopefully the new range of EcoSoya® will be with us early in the New Year.