Golden Wax 464 Container Blend

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Golden Wax 464 is a soy wax designed for container candles.

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Candle Wax,

Golden Wax 464 is a soy wax designed for container candles. 

It contains a soy additive to reduced frosting. 

Melting & Pouring 

Pour temperatures should be reasonably high (57°C - 60°C) depending on container geometry.

Temporary high temperatures (up to 90°C) have no adverse effect if the wax is cooled back down quickly. Higher temperatures may cause the wax to discolour. Allow the wax to cool to your desired pour temperature, add the fragrance at approx. 65 °C and mix well. Be sure to stir/mix the wax while melting. Avoid using containers containing copper and zinc as this may accelerate discolouration. Stainless Steel is the material of choice although mild steel is acceptable. Digital temperature probes are readily available and are a safer choice than the traditional Mercury in glass type.

Pour temperatures may vary according to mould type & size, fragrance & dye used and the effects the candle maker wishes to achieve. Greater adhesion to containers can be achieved by pouring at temperature close to congealing point (approximately 45 - 55°C). Fragrance should be added and mixed immediately prior to pouring where practical. If you experience difficulties with your pour temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 5 - 10°C. Consider pouring into pre heated moulds for better adhesion to glass containers.


Pre-Waxed Wicks tend to work best in GW 464, specifically TCR & Eco wicks.


Containers should be clean and free of contaminants. Containers should be at least at room temperature, although pre-heating the containers to approx. 45 - 50°C can be beneficial. 

As ever a warm ambient temperature (20C), warm glassware and the prevention of rapid temperature changes during cooling will reduce the likelihood of polymorphism/frosting.


You can use liquid and chip dye with GW 464. 


The wax will hold 5 – 10% of most fragrances. 

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