Lip Balm Base Bulk Pre-Flavoured

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Our luxury lip balm base is a blend of natural ingredients with moisturising properties to help keep you lips moist. You can simple add your own flavour or colour. See below for further details  
Lip Balm & Base,

Our Pre-Flavoured Lip Bam is made with only the purest ingredients. Our High end Luxury Shea Butter Lip Balm is rich in moisturising properties, vitamins and other active elements for a premium lip treatment that absorbs into lips, protecting, healing and conditioning to eliminate dryness and chapping. Leaving your lips looking and feeling soft & smooth for hours. Simply melt into your own container and allow to set.

Method: Melt on low heat until it become pourable. Do not allow to boil Pour into your containers before it solidifies

Please refer to our Help & Support selection regarding Cosmetic Safety Reports as you will need to obtain a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), for any of our cosmetic products.


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