Sea Samphire & Water Mint Fragrance Oil

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Sea Samphire & Water Mint Fragrance Oil. Embrace the freshness of a crisp citrus accord, opening with vibrant top notes of orange and lemon. More Info
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Embrace an invigorating journey of freshness and vitality. It opens with a bright and lively citrus accord, featuring vibrant top notes of orange and lemon that immediately awaken the senses with their zesty appeal.

As the fragrance develops, it transitions smoothly into a dynamic heart. Here, the tangy sweetness of grapefruit is balanced by the earthy depth of vetiver and the crispness of fresh apple. Salty marine hints add a breezy, oceanic quality, while soothing lavender imparts a calm, aromatic layer. The inclusion of cooling mint provides an extra touch of refreshment, enhancing the overall feeling of cleanliness and vitality.

Finally, the fragrance is anchored by a warm and grounding base of patchouli, musk, and amber. These notes lend a sense of depth and richness, ensuring a lasting, enveloping aroma that is both comforting and sophisticated. This aromatic blend leaves a clean, revitalizing aura that lingers, embodying both freshness and complexity.

Top: orange, lemon,

Middle: grapefruit, vetiver, marine, lavender

Base: patchouli, musk, amber, mint

Please Note:- That we recommend that you carry out your own tests, as results may vary depending on individual recipes. It is the customer's responsibility to test for compatibility before proceeding with manufacture.

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